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Shanghai Karlos compressor Co.,Ltd
is the professional manufacturer
and exporter.

We are specialized in screw air compressor research, development and production. The main products include screw air compressor, air dryer, air tank and air filter.

Karlos compressor adopts advanced technology from Europe, using famous origin air end, SKF bearing, Siemens/Schneider electronic components and other famous brand main spare parts configuration,which ensure its good stability, high efficiency, low noise and long life. It's widely used in power generation, ship building, food, package, electronic, cement, textile, paper-making, gas etc.

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More than 15 years focus on Air compressor With professional manufacturing experience and first-class comprehensive scientific and technological strength of the talent team,as the energy-saving compressor system leader and renowed in the industry.

The growth of manufacturing in European
countries has had a significant impact on
the air compressor Europe market.As a...
Europe Market
With the development of mining and drilling modernization in South Africa,the requirements for mining equipment are...
South Africa Market
In the past few years,reciprocating air compressors have been occupying a large market share in the Middle East market.Wit...
Middle East Market
India has a large screw air compressor market,and there are many screw compressor manufacturers in India....
India Market
A report titled "North American Air Compressor Market Types,Technologies, Lubrication Methods,and...
USA Market
The continuous development of industry and energy technology has promoted the development of air compressor South...
South America Market
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How To Choose Air Dryer And Precision Filter?
In general, the treatment capacity of the air dryer is higher than that of the air compressor, and more than 10% is the ideal choice. For example, the air compressor produces 3.6 cubic meters per minute, and the ideal choice of the cold dryer is 4 cubic meters per minute. The precision filter matches the air dryer.
How To Choose Air Compressor Tank?
Generally, according to the machine gas production 10-20% to choose, or according to the customer terminal gas consumption 120% to choose, there is no fixed value, air compressor tanks play the role of cooling, buffering, sewage, so, greater pressure fluctuations can be appropriately increased, Climate hot areas (Middle East, North Africa, etc.) can be appropriately increased.
Air Compressor Start-Up Mode
Power frequency; in addition to 7.5 kW is a direct start, more than 7.5 kW power frequency using star triangle start, power frequency also has soft start (SOFT START) mode, need to be equipped with soft starter. Frequency conversion: frequency conversion start, in fact, is also a soft start mode, frequency converter start is to change the frequency of the start mode, starting torque is large, the soft-start is decompression start, not suitable for large load system.
The Advantages And Disadvantages Of VSD And FP?
Compared with power frequency, the frequency conversion machine has many advantages. It can reduce impulse current and prolong motor life. It can adjust the motor frequency according to actual gas consumption and save up to 30% of electric energy. Can provide pressure stable air for gas equipment, the disadvantage is high cost, maintenance cost.
Motor Protection Grade.
There are generally IP23,IP55/IP65, power frequency IP23/IP55, our company generally choose IP55, one air-cooled frequency conversion only IP23, split frequency conversion general choice, and oil-cooled motor (are one), belong to the IP65.
How To Choose The Power Supply Of The Air Dryer?
We generally configure air dryer power supply belongs to 220 v50hz, single-phase electricity, some countries 220 v60hz, but belong to three-phase electricity, receive single-phase words is 127 v or so, can not use, so encounter voltage grade and China is different customer, want to inquire clearly, What is the voltage level? The air dryer is to single-phase, dual-phase or three-phase.

Shanghai Karlos compressor Co.,Ltd is the professional manufacturer and exporter.

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